Code of ethics

Cyber Security Platform believes it is essential to clearly define the values and principles that guide its actions, both inside and outside the corporate perimeter, in order to ensure that all business activities are performed in compliance with the relevant standards and with respect for legitimate interests of all stakeholders with whom it usually enters into a relationship: shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, business partners and financial institutions, local communities and the countries in which it operates.

Cyber Security Platform is therefore constantly striving to promote and enhance the diversity, offering support to all its employees and associates, and to cultivate a work environment and competitiveness that respects the differences of gender, genetic characteristics, race, ethnic or social origin, whether genetic, language, religion or belief, political or otherwise, membership of a national minority, economic status, birth, disability, age, sexual orientation or any other status. It is also the belief of CYBER SECURITY PLATFORM that diversity enriches the human experience, get better the practice of any profession, create the conditions for innovation and enhances creativity and personal growth, both moral and ethical. 

CYBER SECURITY PLATFORM has adopted a Code of Ethics and constantly monitors compliance with the rules contained in the Code providing appropriate information, prevention and control and ensuring the transparency of operations and conduct of its employees, and associated. It is therefore a clear commitment of all those who work for CYBER SECURITY PLATFORM, directors, management and, in general, all employees and contractors, as well as all those who work in Italy and abroad for the achievement of corporate objectives, to observe and to make other to observe the principles of the Code.The respect to the contents of the code of ethics plays a role of paramount importance for the efficiency, reliability and reputation of CYBER SECURITY PLATFORM, that represent decisive factors for the success of the company and for the improvement of the social context in which CYBER SECURITY PLATFORM work.

Cyber Security Platform Code of Ethics is therefore a statement of all principles and expectations governing behaviour of individuals, organisations and partners of the company in the conduct of all activities and in particular of clients’ internal auditing and 'cyber risks' assessment as, a strict compliance with the principles and rules of conduct stated in the code of ethics, is particularly appropriate for the profession of risks assessment and internal auditing, founded as they are on the trust placed in the discretion and on the respect of all strictly confidential information and on each auditor's moral integrity while performing his consultancy about cyber risk assessment, management, process control, policies governance and monitoring procedures.

The rules and principals stated in the code of ethics are just an aid to interpreting the Principles into practical applications and are intended to guide the ethical conduct of internal auditors, directors, management and, in general, all employees and contractors, as well as all those who work in Italy and abroad for the achievement of corporate objectives.

CYBER SECURITY PLATFORM therefore invites everyone to read the Code of Ethics in order to share the core values that inspire its way to engage and excel.