Cyber Security Platform aim is to transform cyber security approach also by automating the learning of devices and users behaviours in order to improve detecting, accelerate hunting and better react to malicious activity.

    Our technologies utilize data from all your existing technologies to help you to deploy and to understand data and our team help you in improving all your procedures, make your staff aware of the risks in order to detect all kinds of threats - external attackers and/or insider misuse - and gives analysts all the information they need to respond quickly, such as:

    1. identifying the users and the devices hidden behind each event even if they use multiples devices, move between Wi-Fi and wired networks, and change IP addresses many time throughout the attack or misuse;

    2. connecting and read into different alerts to understand the complete sequence of events to show response team the complete series of related actions that took place and when, providing the response team with the conclusive evidence they need to act;

    3. quickly understand which alerts are related, which are critical and eliminate all efforts not needed to focus resources more effectively on investigating and responding to critical threats;

    Our technology puts all enterprise security data on the same platform, comparing historical trends and relationships through retrospective analysis and examine the variety of different data features to help analysts of response team in investigating and preventing also the human factor by providing them with all the contextual information they need to manage any event.

    By providing clear visibility into the digital actions and context of every moving element within an enterprise, our technology alert and make your response team instantly understand the circumstances surrounding each event.

    By providing all detail surrounding every threat event at your 'response team' it helps them in investigating all related behaviors, helping in searching for all those interesting characteristics and prevent all those activities which indicate a future threat or present a potential security risk.